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Zamzama Park
Hilal Park Karachi
Zamzama Park
Hilal Park Karachi

Are you planning a trip to Zamzam Park, then get the details so that your trip is interested. Zamzam Park is a 26-acre park located in Phase 5 of DHA meaning Defense Housing Authority in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It has jogging and walking paths, a roller coaster, a refreshment stand and a playground. The exhibition center and head office of the Pakistan Bonsai Society are located within the park near Gate No. 2.

This trail has a height of about 29.5 feet and is classified as an easy one. Find the best hiking trails near you. Zamzam Park is a favorite place for recreation in Karachi. The park has a very modest entrance fee of just 20 rupees per person for adults and 10 rupees per person for children. These modest entrance fees ensure that people from all socioeconomic backgrounds are welcome to this park. The park is not only exclusive to the elite of Karachi, this park stands to be a symbol of unity and a place where all come together and share an enjoyable experience.

This park also has its own car park, which makes parking your cars easier and safer. You don’t have to worry about theft issues as your car will be parked in a safe place. There is a charge of 20 rupees for parking, 30 rupees for parking and 10 rupees for parking a bicycle. If you want to be able to use all of the park’s facilities, you can become a member by paying the annual membership fee. Membership fee details are:


Relax in the green sanctuary of Crescent Park, an attractively landscaped haven in the bustling city that is perfect for kids to play. The play area includes swings, slides and a range of different toys, while a group of bushes decorated with interesting shapes will delight the little ones. Sit on a bench and enjoy the many flowers that enchant with their color and scent. You can get your daily dose of exercise by running around the jogging track, then treat yourself to refreshments from one of the on-site kiosks. Put Crescent Garden at the forefront of your travel plans with your mind map.
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is very essential. Going to the gym, eating well, walking vigorously, or taking a walk are some of the most common ways to keep fit. However, not everyone has the time and budget to maintain healthy eating habits or to pay exorbitant gym fees. Hence, walking, running and jogging are among the least expensive and easiest ways to stay healthy. You needn’t bother with a great deal of hardware or participations to walk. All you need is a pair of sneakers, and you’re good to go.
People often look for activities that they can do as a family rather than going alone. When looking for an ideal location for a picnic or jog, people prefer a location where families can be.

Avari Towers Karachi
Hill Park Karachi
Avari Towers Karachi
Hill Park Karachi

The best thing about Avari Towers is that the management is always on their toes and busy celebrating food festivals. This time it is the Japanese Food Festival which takes place at Avary Towers in Karachi. Avari Towers features an outdoor pool, spa and fitness centre. The property offers modern, air-conditioned rooms and free Wi-Fi in all areas. It is 15 km from Jinnah Airport. The rooms feature a flat-screen cable/satellite TV, safety deposit box and minibar. Shower offices are remembered for the confidential washrooms. Staff at the 24-hour front work area can help visitors with cash trade and clothing administration. The hotel has a tennis court and a business centre.
Tradition Avari Towers Karachi as of late presented another menu. Yes, due to Chinese New Year, the new menu has been introduced and it offers two different options. Shanghai and Grand Master Yu. Both serve different types of soups, appetizers and main dishes. Chinese tea and dessert from the buffet is the same. I had a great time trying Grand Master Yu’s menu at Avari Towers karachi.

As the name suggests, Hill Park, Karachi is a popular hangout spot in the hilltop city of lights. This extraordinary component makes it one of the most well known family attractions in Karachi. Moreover, the place is also equipped with an amusement park, man-made lake and many restaurants serving snacks and fast food. So if you are planning to take a trip to Hill Park, Karachi anytime soon, then you have to come to the right place. Here we have compiled a comprehensive guide about this family attraction in the big city. We will detail its location, timing, and noteworthy features in this post.
Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has ordered the clearance of at least seven residential homes of 600 yards within the premises of Karachi’s iconic Hill Park. KMC gave 30 days for homeowners to vacate the building. The illegally built homes are located on Comfort Land in Hill Park and are part of the Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS).
The park also has other facilities for children to play in, including swings, walkways, jogging paths, and a bike path. In the same way, to keep the environment green and fresh so that visitors can easily visit and feel refreshed. Seasonal flowers of different colors have been planted in the garden so that the citizens who visit the garden can enjoy the full atmosphere.

Karachi Safari Park
Frere Hall
Karachi Safari Park
Frere Hall

Opened in 1970, the Karachi Safari Park is a publicly funded family-only park, covering an area of ​​148 acres, located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. It has a zoo equipped with viewing facilities such as cable cars and safari trails, as well as two natural lakes. Go Aish, a privately funded amusement park, is located in the vicinity of Safari Park.
Karachi Safari Park was opened in 1970 by Lieutenant-General Atiq Rahman. It was a project independent of the Karachi Municipal Authority. The establishment of an independent zoo, safari division followed in 1995. The Karachi Safari Park is now an independent wing of the Community Development Department of the City District Government of Karachi and the HSA has been designated as a family park. The safari park is spread over an area of ​​148 acres. The vast green landscape contains many wild animals kept in large enclosures so that visitors can view them in their natural habitat. This wildlife sanctuary is not located on the outskirts of the city as is usually the case. Safari Park is located in Karachi in the bustling Gulshan-e-Iqbal district and in the calm and serene environment of Safari Park. Let us introduce you to the various facilities offered by one of the most beautiful natural parks in Karachi.

One of the most famous buildings in Karachi, Frere Hall is sure to grab your attention. The charming and aesthetic image of Frere Hall, with its lush green garden full of visitors on weekends and empty on weekdays, is one you should always take with you if you visit Karachi.
When you visit Frere Hall, you can choose to indulge first in outdoor or indoor activities. Depending on your interests, you can enjoy some fresh air, and breathe in the fresh sea breeze in Karachi, while strolling or picnicking in the gardens of Bagh-e-e Jinnah. Gardens surround Frere Hall on all sides and are the perfect place to enjoy some quality time with friends or family playing Frisbee, snacking and listening to songs. You can also choose to stretch your limbs and go for a brisk jog or evening walk around the walking path, which is specifically designed to provide visitors with a soothing walking, running or jogging experience.
In the background, the Frere Hall building, the first Indo Gothic building in Karachi, stands out. As a landmark in Karachi’s predominantly white civil line district, Freer Hall was a tribute to commemorate the service of Henry Bartle Freer, Chief Commissioner of the Province of Sindh.

Cafe Aylanto
Mohatta Palace
Cafe Aylanto Karachi
Mohatta Palace Karachi

Aylanto Café is well established in Karachi and later opened in Lahore and Islamabad too. The restaurant was one of the first to introduce exotic flavors to the floods of Pakistan. It has established itself as a fine dining restaurant in some of the busiest parts of the city. The restaurant initially started as a luxury restaurant that also served authentic Italian dishes and drinks, which are rare in our country. Over time, their menu has grown and become rather extensive. More food was served with desserts. The cafe makes sure that its products are of great quality. Various standards and checks exist to maintain quality control. The restaurant is also equipped with its own bakery and butchers, which provide most of what is then served to guests when dining.
Aylanto DHA Café has a very modern and unique décor. Having opened a branch in Dubai Health Authority, we have kept in mind the aesthetic aspects that will appeal to customers here. Although the menu is the same in both branches, we aim to offer a more intimate dining experience at Ailanto Café, DHA.. While the menu consists mainly of Mediterranean dishes, new items are added frequently. To reflect the different trends in global flavors and artistic presentation.
Aylanto Café is one of the most prestigious and respected restaurants in Karachi, serving delicious Mediterranean food in an upscale yet casual atmosphere. After the success of the Zamzam location, the restaurant moved to a more spacious place with elegant contemporary decor and indoor and outdoor seating areas. Aylanto Café offers an extraordinary experience of culinary sensations and a consistently enjoyable dining experience. Aylanto Café combines the characteristics of a fresh Mediterranean countryside retreat with a fresh global culinary touch.

Karachi is a beautiful city rich in exotic locations and famous places to visit with families and friends for enjoyment and knowledge. Few places have detailed architecture that goes back years, even before the partition and independence of Pakistan. Among the many posh areas in Karachi, Clifton is one of the favorite spots where richer families love to live, there are exotic and exciting places residing in Clifton but one particular palace-like building is an ancient heritage. times before the division and it is one of the attractive locations for people close to the architectural world.
The Mohatta Palace was built on the pristine grounds of Clifton during a period that only foreshadowed turmoil, however, the story engraved in the palace resonates with love. The palace is to be proud of in Karachi, keeping its former grandeur intact while its story was lost to prying eyes at the time.
The majestic architecture of Karachi, similar to the rest of the Indian subcontinent, was introduced to Indo-Renaissance architecture during the British Raj. Using the same architectural design, Mohatta Palace was designed by one of the first Muslim architects of the time, having been commissioned by Shivratan Mohatta in 1920.

Clifton Beach
Do Darya
Clifton Beach
Do Darya

Karachi is the largest and prominent coastal city in Pakistan. Sea lovers here have some possibilities to go to the private beaches of the Arabian Sea. Of all the alternatives, Clifton Beach holds the most crucial fee among enthusiasts to give armed seekers and sea enthusiasts some high-quality leisure and entertainment opportunities. Some come from beachfront sports, some come for the cool breeze, and some need a stroll along the coast at the same time some come for the many different fun activities. Clifton Beach is also called Sea View which is honestly the busiest beach area.
Clifton Beach, Karachi in the twentieth century has become ranked among the most popular silver sandy beaches in the world. But, some years back only in 2003, the beach was destroyed by an oil spill from a cargo ship which left it immobile for a few weeks.

Do Darya has become a popular picnic spot in Karachi. The place is famous for its scenic sunset and sunrise over the sea. People from different parts of the city are attached to this point. This place is all about nature, peace and quiet. It is located in the eighth phase of the Defense Housing Authority in Karachi. The topographical location of Do Darya Karachi makes it the highlight of the area.
Have you ever thought about what makes Do Darya one of the main attractions in the area DHA Phase 8. The place is surrounded by the sea on two sides, and the place has distinctive natural features, which is why it is known as Do Darya, which is a Persian phrase meaning. Bahrain. With so many dining options and restaurants on the beachfront, it has become one of the most popular food streets in Karachi, which usually comes alive at night. The restaurants here stay open late at night, which is why it is also among the best night spots in Karachi.