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Bahria town Karachi Karachi Bahria town is a suburb that is being developed by the Bahria town group. The Bahria town group is a private group that owns and develops many properties all over Pakistan. Bahria town is under construction, it is not completely developed yet. Bahria town is a modern project and it is located on Karachi Hyderabad super highway. It is schemed that Bahria town would be a home to one million people. There had been many Escort services related to Bahria town Karachi. you can get Escort in Karachi Since the partners who had put resources into Bahria Town Karachi were exposed to utility accuses and also extra unexpected Development Charges (which were subsequently conceded after open pressure by the public), still the recompenses are not appropriately handled by the Bahria Town’s administration. Since the project is not completely constructed yet, people come here to visit. Some of the dine-ins here are: For any emergency or health issues, bahria town has built bahria international hospital with qualified staff. Patients here have said that this hospital is one of the best hospitals in Karachi. At many parts of bahria town there are several supermarkets with all the necessities one might have the need of, these supermarkets include

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